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Welcome to Rosma Mill holiday house!
(VESKI Puhkemaja)

Rosma Mill holiday house is located near the original watermill in Rosma village, Põlva county. We are situated in a scenic location 2 km from the city of Põlva, near the crossing of Võru-Värska road.

Our holiday house was originally constructed in the beginning of the 20th century and operated as a popular country store. The building was fully renovated by the end of 2008, maintaining the unique features of a country house according to the requirements of preserving buildings under national heritage.

Our holiday house and auxiliary buildings offer the scent of a historic log house and warmth of the fireplace, feeling the nostalgia of the watermill in the background.

Rosma Mill holiday house (Veski Puhkemaja) – small but unique, comfortable and contemporary interior!

We offer premises for:
  • Accommodation
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Parties and other events
Tracks for hiking, skiing, biking and roller skating are nearby.

You are welcome!